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Ahh I don't normally do meme's but I just have now! (Not that I have anyone to advertise it to but hey here it is anyway! I follow the rules!)

Ok so here I am on my holidays sat at the computer and playing pokemon XDD
Good times.
But as I said I was going to make this 'Fandom Friendly' I'm going to waffle on about my fandom thoughts for now!

Ok so Pokemon to start: I don't normally go on pokemon cos I never have the time or I just totally forget. I'm on Pearl right now because I've actually NEVER finished it, but this time I SWEAR I WILL!!!
My Pokemon team so far:

Girafarig level 34
Luxray level 35
Prinplup level 34
Ponyta level 33
Rampardos level 33

I only have 3 badges so I hope I'm doing ok! >.<

Also, I have been writing! Finally! I wrote another chapter to a fic I'm doing about Kanjani8 and I've posted it onto livejournal. If you're interested this is a link to my fanfic journal

Also, here is the synopsis of the fanfiction I've just mentioned:

Rainbow Cafe (On going)
Kanjani8 all work in a cafe called 'Rainbow Cafe' and none of them would ever dream of leaving. However, once things start getting difficult they all start to question whether the refuge that normally saves them from the outside world is really what it's all cracked out to be, especially Okura, who finds working with Yasu has become mysteriously difficult to do. There's coffee, there's comedy, there's confusion... and there's Uchi!
Genre: Humor, AU
Rating: Currently PG-13
Pairing: Ohyass, Ryouchi

Also, Yasu, Shingo and Maru took time out to go abroad and do certain things like scuba dive, look at animals, help the environment, etc... (well this is what I can tell from the video's anyway.) The video's are available on the Kanjani8 site on LJ for sure, (but I haven't checked the DW site yet >.<)
What I did find on it was this, and it made me laugh so I thought I'd share it for the fun:

Snoopy for President? Now I know Yasu's view on the recent elections XD

In other news, HANA! the preview is out!
It's a little bit uneven if you ask me but I still like it. I also love the stupid cheesiness involved XDD (This is the second time they've been involved in an intense board game! Blue planet they play chess with a pink rabbit lady... or at least Shou does I think o.O

Another song that's just come out: Muse's United States of Eurasia!
It sounds a lot like Queen but it has that 'Muse' like edge to it. A lot of people are saying they're already dissapointed but in my opinion the albums set for good things! Muse have been compared to Queen before, and in a way, this seems like a comeback at that.
Also, I remember when everyone despised Super Massive Black Hole... it ended up as a huge hit >.<

Don't judge a book from it's cover I guess :D

I haven't read much lately although my Haruki Murakami book is getting even crazier than I thought! It's an amazing read though. I have also been considering selling some of my X-men comics simply because I have so many and I never read them.
I've also been wondering if they are going to go ahead with a film on Magneto. I read that they were considering it, but that was years ago. Back then, even the idea of a wolverine film was simply rumor, so I'm hoping that something is done :)

And with Ouran High School Host Club I've been reading the manga here
As far as I've read there's going to be a 'fight' (nothing terribly bad though, more of a clarification of title or status or more so... individuality I guess...) between Hunny and Mori *shakes in boots* I'm rather excited.
Hunny Pictures, Images and Photos
I swear to god they're the same person...


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