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You probably know all about me after looking at my profile :D, and if you wish to add me ♫~I don't have any problems with it~♫! Although you add me to your friends page at your own risk... muhahaha~

This journal is dedicated to fan stuff whether it be news or stuff created by moi! I hope it becomes a good record of what I've done (whatever it may be) and what's been going on in the world! *☆*

I also wish to get into new things so if anyone has any suggestions that would be su~per!

Here is just a little example of stuff I'm really into right now, and things I want to get into :)

credit to [ profile] shatterdayvinyl

Kanjani8 are my saviours, Eito Rangers are my heroes! There is nothing more to be said (except that the guy second from the right in the picture is my favourite! Yasuda Shota ♥♥♥)

alice nine Pictures, Images and Photos
I got this on photobucket so... just kick me if I have to credit ya?

But Alice Nine, no matter how much people may dislike them, I love them! ♥
Murai Naoyuki (2nd from left) is le best! he be a cute little panda :3

Dir en grey Pictures, Images and Photos

Dir en Grey are a band I've loved for a very long time and a band I don't think I'll ever stop loving. I think they're genius's, but they don't care, so I won't tell them XD

muse Pictures, Images and Photos

I don't think it would be an understatement to say I want to steal Matthew Bellamy's brain. MUSE ARE AMAZING!

Panda Pictures, Images and Photoscheetah Pictures, Images and Photoswhite tiger yellow eyes Pictures, Images and Photos

These are my favourite animals; Pandas, Lynx, Cheetahs and White Tigers. I don't really know much about them (well I probably know the most about Cheetahs XD) but I'd like to know about them!

Manga 7 Pictures, Images and Photos

Death Note was a great manga! I still love it! I've actually never seen the Anime because I wasn't keen on the look of it, and I'd already read it all XD. The movies were good too! Near must be my favourite character (L has enough people to love him :P). He seems very un-emotional, very calculated and very ordered but there was always a hint of mystery with him and a hint of character (like the colourful toys against his white clothing, don't judge a book by it's cover ;) )

Bleach Pictures, Images and Photos

Bleach was the first Anime/Manga I started and there will always be some love there XD even though I kinda stopped watching recently >.<
Hitsugaya and Gin are my favourites!

Bloody Monday Pictures, Images and Photos

Recently I started watching Bloody Monday and I LOVE it!!! ♥ Miura Haruma is great! I watch a lot of J-drama like Hana Kimi, Nobuta wo Produce and Hana Yori Dango and I'm always looking for other things that might interest me! (Yuuki was great but I don't think I will ever watch it again XD)

Gemini Pictures, Images and Photos

I constantly talk about star signs because I've been trying my best to learn about them ever since I first saw them in a magazine and thought 'what are these?!' XD
(Btw that's actually quite a long time... and I still know nothing! ;_;)
I'm a Gemini, my rising sign is Aries and my moon sign is Virgo (although I'm very close to being Libra here and I think I'm a little like that too... god knows... I need help see!)

X men Pictures, Images and Photos

I used to be obsessed with the X-men comic books (mainly uncanny, ultimate, and just 'X-men') but it kinda died out. The storylines got a bit poop XD. My favourite characters were Nightcrawler, Iceman and Gambit, and in the films I think Gambit was their best casting decision out of the 3. Taylor Kitsch is great!!! ♥

ouran high Pictures, Images and Photos

A friend got me into Ouran High School Host Club recently and I love it! It's not the kind of thing I normally read but it's soooo funny! Between ourselves we decided that my friend is like Haruhi and I'm like Hunni. We both love the manga right now!!! (My friend even has her own little Hikaru and Kaoru!)

I'm currently reading Haruki Murakami's Hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world
It's amazing, I've never read his work before but I'm having great fun reading it. He makes even the simplest things entertaining and then the strangest things ten times more realistic.

I'm also reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods I'm so far behind with my reading
This is equally very interesting but differently written... Sometimes what he writes is hypnotic because you're wrapped up in the mentality of the main character. It's good but strange XD


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